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Bosnia and Herzegovina: New threshold for large VAT taxpayers

Igor Vujasinovic
On June 16 2015, in accordance with articles 7 and 8 of the Law on Indirect Taxation System in BIH (Official Gazette No. 44/03, 52/04, 34/07, 4/08, 49/09 and 32/13) in conjunction with article 25 of the Law on the Indirect Taxation Authority (Official Gazette 89/05) the Director of Indirect Taxation, with the approval of the Boards of Directors, issued a decision (the Decision) on the threshold for large VAT taxpayers.

The Decision determines the period and prescribes the conditions which serve as a standard for determining which indirect taxpayers will have the status of 'large indirect taxpayers'.

According to the Decision, for the period 2015-2017, taxpayers will be classified as large taxpayers if their total annual amount of VAT (sum of input and output VAT) is equal to or exceeds 1.5 mil BAM ($860,000). Furthermore, the compliance control of large VAT taxpayers will be carried out at the premises of the Director of Indirect Taxation.

This Decision entered into force on July 1 2015.

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