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Out with the old, in with the new

10 July 2019

Joe Stanley-Smith

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International Tax Review, founded in 1989, is three years older than me – and we’re both on the move this month.

International Tax Review, founded in 1989, is three years older than me – and we're both on the move this month.

After 30 years as International Tax Review, we are rebranding as ITR – and that's online, too, where we will be moving to soon.

The shift reflects a heavier focus on the practical issues affecting our core readership – that's tax professionals in-house and at advisory firms – as well as expanding our portfolio of events around the world, and increasing our headcount on our research products.

In addition, we will be rolling our online-only sister publication, TP Week, into ITR – giving us first-rate coverage of our three core areas of coverage: Direct tax, transfer pricing and indirect tax.

I preferred my old picture, but the layout and logo look better than ever

And, after five years – a mere sixth of ITR's history – at the publication, it's time for me to try something new, too. I joined International Tax Review in May 2014 as a researcher on World Tax and World Transfer Pricing, and held a variety of positions on the journalistic and research side before becoming editor in late 2017.

Although it's never easy to leave, I was pleased that one of my final tasks has been to redesign the magazine – or, rather, talk about ideas for it while production editor João Fernandes did the hard work!

Yes, as you will have noticed, we've had a bit of a facelift. While I preferred my old picture, I can certainly say that the new magazine layout and logo look better than ever.

All that remains is for me to thank all of our subscribers, and the many hundreds of people I've spoken to during the past five years for your expert advice and patient explanations of international tax issues during this tumultuous period, which I hope I have faithfully represented for International Tax Review.

Joe Stanley-Smith
Editor, International Tax Review

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