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New Director for Indirect Taxation and Tax Administration at the European Commission

09 March 2017

Joe Stanley-Smith

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The European Commission has decided to appoint Maria Teresa Fabregas Fernandez as its Director for Indirect Taxation and Tax Administration. She takes over the role from Donato Raponi on March 16.

Fabregas Fernandez, a Spaniard, has been working for the Commission since 1997 in a range of capacities, covering financial services and capital markets, industrial goods and services, regulation, enterprise policy, inter-institutional relations and trade facilitations.

In 2012, she became head of the Securities Markets Unit, and from 2015 she has been head of the Financial Markets Unit.

Donato Raponi, who previously held the position, was included in International Tax Review’s Global Tax 50 feature for three consecutive years: 2014, 2015 and 2016.

During his time in the role the EU moved to a destination-based VAT system for certain services, proving critics wrong by having member states successfully collect VAT on each others’ behalves. 

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