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Rahul Mitra leaves KPMG to join Dhruva Advisors

14 February 2018

Anjana Haines

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Rahul Mitra, the national head of transfer pricing and BEPS within KPMG India’s tax practice, is leaving the firm to join boutique law firm Dhruva Advisors.

Mitra, who is a chartered accountant, has been a partner with two of the Big 4 firms for 19 years. He was a senior client partner at PwC India for almost 16 years before joining KPMG in 2015.

With more than 25 years of experience in handling taxation and regulatory matters in India, Mitra specialises in transfer pricing, particularly inbound and outbound planning assignments. He also provides clients with advice on profit/cash repatriation planning, value chain transformation or supply chain management projects, and profit attribution to permanent establishments, etc.

Mitra independently handles litigation for top companies at tax tribunals and the Authority for Advance Rulings. At least 50 of the cases he has independently argued in direct tax and transfer pricing matters have been reported in leading tax journals in India.

At Dhruva Advisors, Mitra will be focussing on transfer pricing and international taxation, particularly on dispute resolution, litigation before tax tribunals and the advance ruling authority. Within this role, he will be handling bilateral and unilateral advance pricing agreements, and dealing with mutual agreement procedures.

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RT @RyanLManess: Really curious how #Wayfair is going to be covered by the non-tax nerd press.

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Here's our preview piece from earlier this month. More to follow

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BREAKING: US Supreme Court rules in favour of South Dakota in #Wayfair. Hold on to your hats!

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The opinion hasn't come yet, but we still expect #Wayfair out this month #tax

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@WritersofColour hi there, we have a job available if any of your followers might be interested

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