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Reuben Mifsud joins WH Partners

09 June 2017

Anjana Haines

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Reuben Mifsud has joined WH Partners as its new head of accounts and tax compliance in Malta.

Mifsud has a distinguished career in the areas of management and financial accounting, tax compliance and company liquidations. He has in-depth expertise in the area of VAT on luxury yachts and organising finance leasing structures under the Maltese VAT authority’s guidelines.

Prior to joining WH Partners, Mifsud established a team of young professionals at Fenlex Corporate Services and was charged with managing that team over the course of a decade. Before that, he spent 14 years in Air Malta’s finance department reporting directly to the CFO on the airline’s operational performance. Mifsud obtained a degree in accountancy from the Malta Institute of Accountants, and his CPA warrant in 2004.

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