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Georgia: Georgia and Liechtenstein DTA enters into force

28 February 2017

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Lopatina Irina

Georgia has increased its portfolio of double taxation agreements (DTAs) to 54 countries after its treaty with Liechtenstein entered into force in late 2016.

The DTA signed between Georgia and Liechtenstein in May 2015 entered into force on December 21 2016 and is effective from January 1 2017. It intends to increase economic cooperation between the two countries and to mutually attract more foreign investments.

The treaty includes provisions for zero-rated withholding tax. All types of income (dividends, interest and royalties) beneficially owned by a resident of one state will be deemed to be only taxable in that state, with no withholding tax imposed in the other state (from which they are being paid).

Recently, Georgia also signed DTAs with Kyrgyzstan, South Korea and Iceland.

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