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Rosemary Sereti joins Deloitte in its Washington tax practice

15 September 2017

Tessa Neal

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Deloitte has appointed Rosemary Sereti as managing director of the firm’s Washington national tax, tax controversy services practice.

Sereti will advise Deloitte’s US clients to identify and resolve international and domestic tax issues, including the most recent Internal Revenue Service (IRS) initiatives that impact large business and international (LB&I) taxpayers.

Prior to joining Deloitte, Sereti was the deputy commissioner of the LB&I division at the IRS.

Sereti led notable ventures at the LB&I division whilst managing a team of more than 4,500 professionals. These include devising the compliance campaign procedure, forming a multidisciplinary team focused on providing guidance on audit procedures, and creating a tactical plan to reform the compliance assurance programme and the coordinated industry case programme.

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