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National Tax Association weighs up if US is ready for VAT

23 November 2010

Tax academics and practitioners at the National Tax Association’s (NTA) 103rd Annual Conference on Taxation persistently pressed that the US needs to start paying attention to VAT or comparable proposals that have been advanced with no avail.

How exactly to implement a VAT in the US is not obvious. 


On November 18, former NTA president Harvey Galper, a senior economist for Deloitte and former director of the office of tax analysis at the US Treasury Department, shared his thoughts about a VAT in the US with the audience.


“We need to examine the historical record of VAT elsewhere,” said Galper.


“Restoring America’s Future” a report released on November 17 by the Bipartisan Policy Centre’s Debt Reduction Task Force, might be the closest proposal thus far to what Galper says is needed to stimulate the US economy.


“People say that a national sales tax and a VAT...

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