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UK Conservative MP Stephen McPartland calls for country-by-country reporting

20 November 2012

Matthew Gilleard - ITR

Stephen McPartland, a Conservative member of the UK parliament, told International Tax Review he is committed to country-by-country reporting and has called for the UK’s largest companies to lead the drive for tax transparency.

The Stevenage MP says he believes in greater transparency, and has written to the chief executives of all the FTSE 100 companies to ask them if they are willing to pledge their support for corporate tax transparency and if they will support a new international accountancy standard for country-by-country reporting.

“It is extremely important that large multinationals take the lead on the issue of tax transparency. It’s the most realistic way of getting progress on the issue,” said McPartland. “It is time for a concerted international effort to tackle corporate tax avoidance and for multinationals to actually commit to tax transparency. Governments from around the world will agree with the sentiments of greater tax transparency, but they will struggle to introduce it as every nation competes in the global race.”

Therefore, he said it is up to companies to lead the way. The only way to do that, McPartland...

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