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ITR Managing Global Tax Disputes Summit 2019


The Managing Global Tax Disputes Summit took place on 30 April, 2019 at Pullman St Pancras Hotel, London.

The volume, value and complexity of cross-border transactions in Europe massively increased in the past decade. In addition, OECD BEPS and EU ATAD provided several new, but somehow ambiguous, tools to tax administrations to strike down tax planning schemes. As a result, the number of tax disputes is expected to increase sharply , which made effective management of these procedures more important than ever. 

The lack of a globally accepted set of rules to govern the taxation of MNEs, coupled with how little has changed in the way that governments try to resolve them, has resulted in the number of unresolved cases continuing to grow and an increase in unrelieved double taxation

Hence, it has become increasingly challenging to operate national tax systems in a borderless world , with the debate continuing on whether MNEs are paying their fair share of the tax burden and whether the tax they pay in each of the jurisdictions in which they operate reflects where the value is created. International Tax Review’s Managing Global Tax Disputes Summit addressed all of these concerned and brought together senior corporate in-house tax practitioners from a range of industries to discuss practical and strategic issues relating to international tax disputes .

Attendees benefitted from: 

  • Opportunity to network with over 120 senior tax professionals
  • Insightful discussions from European tax authorities and regulators about recent developments regarding tax dispute resolution within the European Union
  • Discussion with your peers to problem solve and share best practice around tax disputes common pitfalls

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