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Latin America 15th edition

  • TP takes precedence across Latin America

    International Tax Review editor Joe Stanley-Smith introduces the 15th edition of the Latin America guide.

  • The deductibility of royalties paid abroad: The new environment in Brazil

    Laws to deal with payments and the deductibility of royalties in Brazil were first introduced in 1958. For the past 50 years, relevant laws have been enacted with the goal of establishing clear rules and limitations. However, in some cases, as explained by Clarissa Giannetti Machado and Juliana Porchat de Assis of Trench Rossi Watanabe, these laws trigger conflicts of interpretation and relevant tax assessments.

  • Taxes on the digital economy in Chile

    Rodrigo Winter Salgado and Raul Fuentes Ugalde of PwC provide an update on imminent changes and the status of tax in the digital economy (DE).

  • Brazilian real devaluation will influence 2018 transfer pricing adjustments

    The Brazilian presidential election in 2018 may substantially affect the transfer pricing (TP) analysis of local taxpayers and increase eventual adjustments on import transactions, as a consequence of an unfavourable exchange rate variation, writes Daniel Macedo of Deloitte.

  • In praise of the Chilean tax authority

    Alejandro Paredes of Deloitte provides an insight into the methods and characteristics of the Chilean tax authority’s transfer pricing (TP) team, and highlights how the training, expertise and professional outlook of the team has resulted in a focused, successful and understanding TP unit that is willing to liaise with taxpayers and tax advisors to achieve a positive outcome for all.

  • The future tax potential in LATAM’s uncertain political and economic setting

    The OECD BEPS project has quickly moved to the implementation phase, leaving an essentially changed landscape in its wake, write Deloitte practitioners from the Latin America Countries Organisation. This new environment requires businesses to reconsider their operational, financing and holding structures, identify communications strategies and assess their tax strategy, all with the aim of developing a maintainable tax framework.

  • Transfer pricing in Mexico: The upcoming challenges and opportunities

    Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), president-elect and leader of the Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional party, won the July 1 2018 election by an unprecedented margin – around 53% of the total votes for the president. Simon Somohano and Isaac Manuel Ramirez Obeso of Deloitte discuss the tax implications of the new government’s fiscal agenda.

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