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Intangibles (4th Edition) published in association with Deloitte

  • Editorial

  • Acquisitions – are you ready for transfer pricing complexity?

    We have seen a strong start to 2018 in terms of M&A activity, write Jon Vine and Greg Smith of Deloitte. Mergers and acquisitions invariably involve a range of complex tax issues. While these continue to include matters such as acquisition structuring, financing and structurally integrating the acquired business, the complexity and range of transfer pricing (TP) issues which arise in the M&A context should not be underestimated.

  • Revisiting intangibles in the financial services sector

    There is a lot of discussion about the future of the financial services sector, write Ralf Heussner and Enrique Marchesi-Herce of Deloitte. New technologies and automation, a changing regulatory landscape, and the entry of new market players are reshaping the industry. On top of this, the industry is undergoing further consolidation while having to respond to shifting customer demands and new distribution models.

  • The hypothetical arm’s-length test: Germany’s way of calculating the ALP for IP

    The German approach to determining the arm’s-length price for intangibles/intellectual property (IP) is based on the relevant German tax code and related administrative guidance, explain Richard Schmidtke, Bjorn Heidecke and Oskar Glaser of Deloitte. If other methods are used to determine the arm’s-length price for IP, this may result in non-compliance in Germany.

  • Outright sale of IP: Practical considerations post-BEPS

    Transfer pricing (TP) for intangible property is an increasingly relevant and complex area of taxation for multinational enterprises (MNEs) and taxing authorities, writes Bruno A de Camargo of Deloitte. The main policy driver for the existing and evolving state of intangible property taxation globally is the OECD’s BEPS initiative, and its ensuing adoption by local governments.

  • Embedded IP

    Andre Schaffers and Filip Vanluydt of Deloitte explain the concept of embedded intellectual property (IP), providing detailed guidelines for readers on how to identify and quantify it.

  • Brand value, brand equity, and brand IP

    Brands are complex intangible assets. As explained by Tim Heberden and Cam Smith of Deloitte, robust valuations and royalty opinions should incorporate analysis of the legal rights underpinning the brand, together with the associated reputational stock that drives purchase behaviour.

  • Moving away from traditional methods: Lessons from recent Japanese TP cases

    The Tokyo District Court recently issued two judgments regarding transfer pricing (TP) cases, both in relation to the treatment of intangibles. These decisions provide insights into how the Japanese tax authorities will evaluate intangibles when dealing with TP issues in audits going forward, explain Yutaka Kitamura and Jun Sawada of Deloitte.

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