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Asia Transfer Pricing (8th edition)

  • The times they are a-changin’

    By Tony Gorgas, KPMG’s Asia Pacific regional leader for Global Transfer Pricing Services.

  • Asia-Pacific countries are enthusiastically adopting CbCR

    By Tony Gorgas, KPMG’s Asia Pacific regional leader and Damian Preshaw, a KPMG consultant.

  • When it rains it pours!

    Frank Putrino, a partner at KPMG Australia, and Damian Preshaw, a KPMG consultant, look at developments in transfer pricing since 2012 and examine Australia’s plans for further changes.

  • A rapidly changing environment

    Cheng Chi, a partner at KPMG China, examines the speed at which the Chinese State Administration of Taxation set out its plans for BEPS implementation and its view of BEPS.

  • Transfer pricing is elevated to a new level

    John Kondos and Lu Chen, partners at KPMG in Hong Kong, look at the rapidly evolving transfer pricing landscape.

  • A fresh look at transfer pricing in India

    Rahul Mitra, Karishma Phatarphekar and Rajan Sachdev, partners at KPMG in India, examine India’s steps for creating a taxpayer friendly environment and making the country a preferred destination for investments.

  • Will BEPS be a major game changer?

    Iwan Hoo, a partner at KPMG in Indonesia, examines significant changes in the tax landscape and in transfer pricing practices.

  • Significant changes in Japan's transfer pricing landscape

    Jun Tanaka and Nobuhiro Tsunoda, partners at KPMG in Japan, and Yosuke Suzaki, a senior manager, discuss the significant changes in Japan’s TP documentation requirements, the influence of tax audits in Japan, as well as the implications of the tax governance rule for taxpayers.

  • Get ready for the next wave!

    Bob Kee and Mei Seen Chang, executive directors of KPMG in Malaysia, look at transfer pricing enforcement, business restructuring and BEPS, in this comprehensive examination of Malaysia.

  • Inland Revenue's business transformation gathers pace

    Kim Jarrett, a partner at KPMG New Zealand, looks at Inland Revenue’s Business Transformation project which has wide-reaching implications for businesses and other taxpayers.

  • Waiting again for the BIR

    Maria Carmela M. Peralta, a partner at KPMG Philippines, looks at developments since the release of transfer pricing regulations in 2013 and examines the Strategic Plan for 2016 – 2020.

  • Transfer pricing cannot be ignored … any more

    Geoffrey K. Soh, a partner at KPMG in Singapore and Felicia Chia, a director, examine Singapore’s dynamic and evolving tax environment including the new transfer pricing updates in January 2016.

  • BEPS and transfer pricing in Korea

    Gil Won Kang, Seung Mok (William) Baek and Sang Hoon Kim, partners at KPMG in South Korea, look at BEPS Action 13, the potential controversies surrounding it, APAs and the simplified APA programme.

  • Sri Lanka: Moving toward enforcement

    Shamila Jayasekara, a partner at KPMG in Sri Lanka, examines the local tax environment, BEPS, APAs and audits.

  • Insights into transfer pricing in Taiwan and recent tax developments

    Sherry Chang, a partner in KPMG in Taiwan, and Karl W Chan, a director, discuss the Panama Papers, BEPS, transfer pricing audits and recent amendments to transfer pricing guidelines.

  • The game has changed …

    Benjamas Kullakattimas and Abhisit Pinmaneekul, partners at KPMG in Thailand, discuss the local tax environment including transfer pricing audits.

  • At a turning point for BEPS-related tax reforms

    Thuy Duong Hoang, a partner at KPMG Vietnam, provides an update on transfer pricing management, audits, APAs and offers a view of BEPS.

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