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  • Tax issues in the Peruvian Financial System

    Ramón Esquives Espinoza, head of tax processes in the management and tax advisory unit of BBVA’s finance area, takes a look at current points of contention between the Peruvian financial sector and the country’s tax authorities, which relate to suspended interest and the applicable income tax rate for interest paid to non-residents.

  • Fund structuring for the LatAm market: The Curaçao fund for mutual account

    Emile Steevensz, partner at Steevensz|Beckers Tax Lawyers in Curaçao, provides a guide to fund structuring in the Caribbean region and assesses the advantages of the Curaçao fund for mutual account.

  • Insurance tax changes loom on the horizon

    Conor Hynes and Ronan Connaughton of Deloitte Ireland explore the impending changes arising from BEPS Action 7 and the Skandia case and provide insight on the potential tax impact for the insurance industry.

  • Collective investments funds – new tax treatment on the way

    On April 14 2015 the Norwegian Ministry of Finance issued a public consultation proposal for new rules concerning the tax treatment of collective investment funds. Bodil Marie Myklebust, Stian Roska Revheim and Dag Saltnes of PwC Norway flesh out the proposals as they stand, and look to the likely future changes that will occur before implementation.

  • Swedish insurer taxation: A sector under scrutiny

    Kristofer Brodin of KPMG Sweden explores the insurance and tax regulatory environment, outlining why those in the wider financial services sector need to keep track of potential incoming tax changes.

  • Planned reform of the Swiss withholding tax

    On December 17 2014 the Swiss Federal Council published new draft legislation on the reform of Swiss withholding tax, proposing an exemption for interest payments to non-residents and an extension of the taxable basis for Swiss resident individuals. The draft’s consultation period ended on March 31 2015. Alberto Lissi and Monika Gammeter of Tax Partner – Taxand Switzerland outline the latest developments.

  • Private placement: New withholding tax exemption to stimulate UK market

    Peita Menon and Prabhu Narasimhan, partners of White & Case who advised the UK government in its creation of a new UK withholding tax exemption for private placements, look at the primary legislation for the exemption and analyse what the future holds for the UK private placement market.

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