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Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Editorial

  • Taxpayer insight: M&A and corporate taxpayers in the light of the BEPS initiative

    Tax planning in M&A transactions starts long before a transaction appears on the horizon and lasts long after the deal is completed. Key challenges for the tax function are explored by Christoph Huber and Napoleão Dagnese of OC Oerlikon, a traditional Swiss multi-industries conglomerate with a footprint in 34 countries, 160 sites and with several M&A deals recorded.

  • Global: Using tax to enhance exit value on divestments

    From the perspective of a divesting group, tax is all too often just viewed as a cost and potential barrier to a successful exit. This is understandable given the often narrow focus on the impact of tax in a divestment but by broadening this perspective there is significant incremental commercial value that can be realised. Richard Clarke and Todd Miller of EY discuss.

  • China: China remains the favoured destination for cross-border M&A

    John Gu, Paul Ma and Christopher Mak of KPMG China analyse the challenges associated with cross-border M&A transactions in China.

  • Colombia: New tax regime for M&A processes in Colombia

    New regulations enacted by the Colombian Congress, ending fiscal year 2012, with respect to the tax treatment of M&A processes, must be carefully taken into consideration for both public and private M&A transactions. Martín Acero and Oscar González of prietocarrizosa provide helpful tips for taxpayers.

  • Germany: BEPS and cross border regulation in Germany

    Addressing tax base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS), as well as certain other instruments such as dual loss consolidation, is currently one of the most central points of concern for international tax legislation say Claus Herfort and Alke Fiebig of PwC, particularly for the respective bodies of the EU and the OECD.

  • Hong Kong: Structuring cross-border M&A into Hong Kong surge

    Hong Kong is a popular investment destination. Here, Darren Bowdern and Benjamin Pong of KPMG China, look at why this is and assess the provisions taxpayers must be aware of when structuring cross-border M&A transactions into the jurisdiction.

  • Mexico: The relevance of the social security due diligence

    The social security system of any country must be analysed for taking the best decisions in M&A transactions. Yazmin Caceres and María Dolores Enríquez Medina of PwC explain why this analysis should take into account the legislation, practices and risks that investors may face in Mexico.

  • Switzerland: Post acquisition measures to reorganise an acquired structure

    Rolf Wüthrich of burckhardt discusses the acquisition of a Swiss company with subsequent cross-border emigration or cross-border merger as outbound measures out of Switzerland to another country.

  • US: Important new developments in M&A

    David Forst of Fenwick &?West discusses the impact of new developments in M&A in the US.

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