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Technology, Media and Telecoms (1st Edition) published in association with Deloitte

  • Digital revolution – Spotlight on tax and TP issues in TMT

    Todd Wolosoff, global transfer pricing leader; Kristine Riisberg, Americas transfer pricing technology, media and telecommunications industry leader; and David Cobb, EMEA transfer pricing technology, media and telecommunications industry leader

  • How understanding business will reduce controversy

    Keith Reams explains the importance of understanding the business to successfully navigate TP controversy in TMT.

  • Making technology work for your company

    David Cobb, and Christa Silverthorne, in Deloitte’s UK transfer pricing team, consider how the increasingly sophisticated capabilities made available by technology can work for or against companies, and highlight steps taxpayers should take to ensure that their policies are robust, relevant, and aligned with their commercial operations, and that on-going compliance is effectively monitored.

  • An overview of TP implications in the media supply chain

    Kristine Riisberg and Anna Soubbotina provide an overview of TP implications in an ever-changing media and entertainment landscape.

  • TP opportunities and pitfalls as a result of telecom convergence

    Peter Meenan and Ben Miller explain the evolution of the telecommunications value chain and the advantages and pitfalls that go with it.

  • Transfer pricing controversies in the TMT sector in India

    Skilled yet relatively low-cost manpower, the low cost of production, and a growing customer base are the key factors that have attracted multinational enterprises (MNEs) to India. Rahul Tomar and Kulvinder Makkar focus on the emerging transfer pricing issues and their influence on the companies in technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) industry in India.

  • Would LSAs affect technology companies in China?

    Originally, whenever people talked about location savings, they thought about those manufacturers that produced goods with lower than average costs to keep their competitive edge. Eunice Kuo and Nick Chen of Deloitte China explain that technology companies may need to keep an eye on this issue if costs in different operating jurisdictions allow their businesses to become more competitive.

  • VAT considerations for e-commerce

    Nehal Radia considers the VAT implications of e-commerce and how taxpayers can take advantage.

  • Building a flexible global business platform

    As tax executives, we have always seen change as an opportunity. However, at today’s pace of change, successful tax executives are finding that opportunities come and go quickly, leaving behind risk. Daniel Munger, Andrew Newman and Sophie Blegent-Delapille explain how to build a flexible global business platform.

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