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Capital Markets (16th Edition)

  • Editorial

  • The EU FTT: A seismic effect on global financial markets?

    If an EU FTT along the lines proposed by the European Commission were to be introduced into law, this would have enormous repercussions for global financial markets, argue Mark Persoff and Rod Roman of Ernst & Young.

  • New tax transparency requirements for credit institutions

    Hans-Ulrich Lauermann, Justin Woodhouse and Jörg Schwerdtfeger of PwC throw light on details of the new tax transparency requirements and how affected credit institutions could approach them.

  • Property investment structures in Ireland

    Jonathan Sheehan and Conor Hurley of Arthur Cox explore some of the tax measures that have been introduced in Ireland, including the opportunities that Irish vehicles can offer to international investors in Irish and non-Irish real estate and mortgage-backed loans.

  • The tax implications of insurance-linked securities

    Insurance-linked securities (ILS) are returning to capital markets. Kristofer Brodin of KPMG looks at the tax implications of these for sponsors and investors.

  • Leveraged takeovers in Switzerland

    Alberto Lissi and Ursula Wechner of Taxpartner – Taxand look at the qualification of debt financing for Swiss withholding tax purposes, and the tax implications of the syndication of the debt and securities in highly leveraged takeovers.

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