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Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Editorial: M&A gathering momentum

  • Asia Pacific: Substance over form is key for Asian dealmakers in 2012

    Vodafone’s Supreme Court success in India in January filled other foreign investors in Asia with confidence. However, tax authorities in other countries in the region are still focused on compliance. Joe Dalton discovers that better relationships with administrators and a keen awareness of impending legislation can help taxpayers work these demands into their deals in 2012.

  • Europe: How authorities are helping taxpayers in tough times

    Moves towards greater tax harmonisation in the EU make Europe a particularly interesting market for conducting transactions. Salman Shaheen examines the legislation and developments that will present new challenges and opportunities for taxpayers looking to do a better deal.

  • Latin America: Why Colombia is paying close attention to M&A activity

    Jack Grocott speaks to Diego Gonzalez-Bendiksen, the head of the Colombian tax office’s (DIAN) international audit unit, about the future of compliance and why he is scrutinising M&A activity.

  • North America: Transaction market busy and getting busier

    As the transaction market continues to recover from the global recession, and struggles to overcome obstacles thrown up by the eurozone crisis, Matthew Gilleard talks to some of North America’s leading advisers to see how such challenges are being overcome, and what lessons they have to take forward into 2012.

  • Brazil: Tax is critical factor impacting Brazilian M&A

    Though it occupies a secure position as a prime location for global investors, Brazil has a tax regime that presents particular risks and opportunities that need to be considered throughout a transaction, explain Andrea Weichert and Erik Smith of Ernst & Young.

  • Cyprus: M&A and redomiciliation in the emerging energy sector

    The recent discovery of oil and gas in Cyprus has led to a rush to complete M&A work in the country’s developing energy sector. Georgia Papa and Anna Zafirova of Eurofast Taxand run through the background to Cyprus M&A law and explain why redomicilation to the island is a wise move.

  • Germany: Distressed M&A and recent developments in German taxes

    Hansjoachim Koehler & Axel Mielke of PwC explain that the German distressed M&A market is springing back into life and offer some advice on how to mitigate the tax risks of undertaking such transactions.

  • India: How to navigate Indian M&A tax challenges

    M&A activity in India has significantly contributed to consistent economic growth over the past 20 years. This growth has led to increased evasion and avoidance and the government is now clamping down on transactions. Praveen Bhambani and Dheeraj Chaurasia of PwC discuss the significant developments on the Indian M&A tax front.

  • Israel: Planning opportunities when acquiring Israeli companies

    Israel recently amended its tax incentives legislation. Yaron Kafri, Doron Mutai and Sharon Shulman of Ernst & Young outline the best planning strategies for acquiring Israeli businesses in light of the changes.

  • Mexico: Tax treatment of earn-outs

    In Mexico, earn-out in transactions is an effective and productive tool that reduces the valuations gaps and allows the risk of the operation to be shared with the seller. However, Yazmin Caceres of PwC explains that before embarking on this route, analysing the tax consequences is vital.

  • Netherlands: Acquisition debt: the taxman keeps on challenging

    Hans Grimbergen and Ivo Middelink of Ernst & Young look at the impact of Dutch Supreme Court rulings limiting the tax authorities’ ability to use transfer pricing principles to challenge related-party debt financing, and examine recently introduced rules on leveraged acquisition vehicles.

  • Russia: The changes investors need to know about

    Over the last 12 months there have been significant changes to Russian tax law that have altered investors’ risk exposure. Maureen O’Donoghue and Vladimir Zheltonogov of Ernst & Young run through these changes and offer advice on how to minimise this risk.

  • Switzerland: Corporate immigration into Switzerland

    Rolf Wüthrich, of burckhardt, examines the process of corporate immigration of existing companies into Switzerland as an alternative to establishing a new Swiss company when seeking a tax efficient reorganisation.

  • UK: How tax reforms could benefit M&A transactions

    Stephen Hales and Alistair Craig of Ernst & Young outline how the UK is reforming its tax system to encourage investment and make it an attractive location for M&A activity.

  • US: US federal income tax considerations in cross-border spin-offs

    Tax-free spin-offs are increasingly becoming the method of choice for companies wishing to dispose of an unwanted business. Brandon Hayes, of Ernst & Young, explains the obstacles businesses must overcome to qualify a spin-off as a tax-free transaction under US federal tax law.

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