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Holding Company Regimes

  • Holding company regimes - Introduction

  • Belgium

    By Luc Van Walleghem, KPMG LLP and Paul Op de Beeck, KPMG Tax Advisers, CVBA

  • People's Republic of China

    By Wendy YunFang Guo, KPMG LLP

  • Germany

    By Eckart Nuernberger and Franz Prinz zu Hohenlohe, KPMG Deutsche Treuhand-Gesellschaft AG Aktiengesellschaft Wirtschaftsprüfungs-gesellschaft

  • Ireland

    By Jackie Masterson, KPMG

  • Luxembourg

    By Jérôme Lhôte and Roger Molitor, KPMG Tax Luxembourg

  • Netherlands

    By Kees van Meel and Anne Jorritsma, KPMG Meijburg & Co

  • Spain

    By Javier Sabau, KPMG Abogados SL, Antonio Lobon, KPMG LLP and Alfonso Pallete, KPMG Abogados SL

  • Sweden

    By Jörgen Graner, KPMG Bohlins AB

  • Switzerland

    By Andreas Mueller and Catherine Morf, KPMG Fides, Switzerland

  • United Kingdom

    By Sharon Baynham, KPMG LLP

  • United States

    By Caren Shein, KPMG LLP

International Correspondents