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  • Americas Tax Awards 2018

    International Tax Review honoured the best firms across the Americas at a ceremony in New York on September 13 2018.


  • Chief strategic officer: A new world

    Tax is evolving at an ever-quicker pace. With BEPS action points being legislated into domestic law, treaty actions for the Multilateral Instrument (MLI), the introduction of the US Tax Cuts and Jobs Act from December 2017, trade/tariff initiatives and business complexity, is it time to create a formal high-level organisational role of chief strategic officer?

  • Market insight: EY’s takeover of Riverview Law

    EY has turned heads with its acquisition of legal technology firm Riverview Law, and says it will “aggressively” recruit to expand its legal managed services offering. Is this a ground-breaking development, or part of an established trend?

  • Why Grant Thornton and BDO want audit reform

    Grant Thornton and BDO have come out in favour of reforming the UK’s auditing market, but the wider industry is divided over the best solution. Josh White investigates.

  • Vodafone’s Glenn Price talks tax and risk

    Glenn Price, head of international tax at Vodafone, talks to Josh White about the risks taxpayers face in an increasingly uncertain world.

  • Wayfair and the Dunkin’ Donuts philosophy

    Joe Stanley-Smith sits down with Walter Hellerstein, the leading US academic on state and local taxation, to talk about Wayfair chaos, the US and EU’s shared indirect tax maladies and why so much intellectual effort is wasted on corporate taxation.

  • Americas Tax Awards 2018

    International Tax Review honoured the best firms across the Americas at a ceremony in New York on September 13 2018.

  • Tax planning amid political instabilities and tax grabs

    There has been a seismic shift in global politics in recent years, affecting trade and investment and altering the tax landscape. Anjana Haines reviews the tax prospects in this new era with International Tax Review’s Leading Women in Tax.

  • Special features - October 2018

    Read this month's special features on Poland, Mexico and technology

  • The GP Surgery: Certainty, secrecy and DAC16

    ITR Columnist Giles Parsons examines tax certainty and DAC6.

  • No. 1: David Bradbury & Giorgia Maffini

    David Bradbury and Giorgia Maffini have been at the centre of the OECD’s work on digital tax. The next step of the BEPS project is to tackle the growing gap between international tax norms and the technological shift in the global economy.

  • No. 2: Pierre Moscovici

    Pierre Moscovici has been a regular in the Global Tax 50 since he joined the European Commission (EC) as its chief of tax policy in 2014.

  • No. 3: Digital tax – the outliers

    The OECD is taking too long to reach a global agreement on how to tax the digital economy and the European Union's proposals are too broad, say the governments wanting a solution today.

  • No. 4: Artificial intelligence and the robot tax

    New technologies are transforming tax, whether it’s how taxes are collected or what can be done to crack down on evasion. Businesses are eying a more cost-efficient future, while others fear the loss of jobs will hit state finances and call for a tax on robots.

  • No. 5: The US judicial system

    To say it’s been a busy year for tax disputes in the US would certainly be an understatement. During 2018, the courts have made crucial decisions in cases including Altera, Amazon, Medtronic and Wayfair.

  • No. 6: Brexit

    After two years of mounting uncertainty, the British government has placed its bets on a compromise with the EU only to find its best hopes of a deal may be crushed in Parliament.

  • No. 7: Donald Trump

    The second year of the Trump administration has been predictably unpredictable. President Donald Trump set out to overhaul US trade and didn't mind insulting old friends to do so.

  • No. 8: Pascal Saint-Amans and Achim Pross

    This year has been a momentous when considering what the OECD's Centre for Tax Policy and Administration has achieved. Many aspects of the BEPS project have come to fruition even though nobody thought it was possible just a few years ago. But Pascal Saint-Amans says it almost feels like business as usual

  • No. 9: Monica Bhatia

    The standard for the automatic exchange of tax information (AEOI) is now in operation across the world, and it's Monica Bhatia's team at the OECD Global Forum that has been driving the initiative, as well as growing the number of member countries and driving forward transparency initiatives that have the potential to go beyond taxation.

  • No. 10: Margaret Hodge and Andrew Mitchell

    International Tax Review speaks to Labour MP Margaret Hodge and Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell about their battle to extend public registers to British overseas territories. But the next battle is just about to begin.

  • Euromoney Asia Women in Business Law Awards 2018: winners announced

    The best female lawyers from across the region, gathered at the Island Shangri-La in Hong Kong on November 8 to celebrate the advancement of women in the legal profession in the seventh annual Euromoney Legal Media Group Asia Women in Business Law Awards.

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Tax Relief

  • Tax Relief

    An Italian priest, Donald Trump, Gareth Southgate and Malaysian customs officials are the subjects of this month's Tax Relief.

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International Correspondents