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  • Tax function of tomorrow: Automation and digitisation

    Picking up on where we left off in the last installment, this issue of the Brockman Brief digs deeper into the tax function of tomorrow. Not only does an effective tax function depend on building the right skill-set, it must also include developing and making use of integrated technology and forming best practices.

  • Unpicking Belgium’s new voluntary disclosure legislation

    Gertjan Verachtert, attorney at Sansen International Tax Lawyers and member of AIJA, analyses Belgium’s new voluntary disclosure legislation in light of recent developments in information exchange, including the ‘Panama Papers’ leak.

  • Post-Panama reflections: Black, white and grey lists

    Poonam Khaira Sidhu, commissioner of income tax and joint secretary at the Indian Revenue Service – who holds a Michigan LLM in international taxation with a master’s in economics – reflects on tax competition, inequality, BEPS, information exchange and black, white and grey lists in the wake of the ‘Panama Papers’ leak.

  • What the US presidential hopefuls are saying on tax reform

    Election day – November 8 – may still be some way off, but the buzz around the battle for the presidency is already at peak levels, largely driven by the polarising Donald Trump and his drive for the Republican presidential nomination. But while his hairdo continues to dominate the front pages, how would a Trump-inspired tax reform be received on the business pages? Amelia Schwanke analyses where each of the front-runners for the White House stand on corporate tax.

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  • Tax Relief

    Because tax doesn’t have to be taxing. A less-than-serious look back at some of the quirkier tax stories from the past month.

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International Correspondents