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  • The Brockman brief: The (post-BEPS) tax function of tomorrow

    The evolution of international taxation, driven by the OECD’s BEPS Actions, is eliciting new ways of thinking about the effective management of an internal tax function.

  • Brexit: What would it really mean for tax?

    Tim Sarson, a tax partner at KPMG in the UK, explains why tax professionals should probably ignore much of the noise around ‘Brexit’, at least for the time being. This clears the path for companies to focus on the changes that really matter.

  • Special features - April 2016

    Read this month's special feature for Intangibles

  • How patent boxes became the new normal

    Since October 2015, authorities have been reacting to the outcome of the BEPS Project. The implementation of new legislation and adaption of existing regulations to match the new OECD guidelines has already begun to impact multinationals worldwide. The undeniable headline change has been a broad move to implement country-by-country reporting (CbCR); however the other policy that stands out from the crowd is in the area of patent boxes, as Joelle Jefferis explains.

  • Treaty shopping and BEPS Action 6: An Indian perspective

    On October 5 2015, the OECD released its final reports under the BEPS project, which were presented to the G20 finance ministers on October 8 2015. Action 6 identifies tax treaty abuse and, in particular, treaty shopping, as one of the most significant sources of BEPS concerns. Pritin Kumar, Vishal Palwe and Heta Jhaveri of Deloitte provide an update on action to counter treaty abuse, from an Indian perspective.

  • ANALYSIS: Osborne perpetuates UK core conflict on tax with Budget 2016

    George Osborne, UK chancellor of the exchequer, has delivered his Budget 2016 speech, criticising “large companies that exploit loopholes” while lowering corporation tax to attract multinationals. The big ‘winners’ were small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • FATCA and CRS: The end of an era

    Sofia Stavridi, a Queen Mary University of London graduate now working in investment management tax services at a Big 4 firm in the UK, provides a refresher on FATCA and CRS, tracking the latest trends in global exchange of information, exploring the latest tax authority tools in this area and identifying what taxpayers can do.

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