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  • Tax planners' task tougher than ever

    Failing to plan is planning to fail. We are all familiar with the phrase. But practising what one preaches in this regard has never been more important for corporate taxpayers.


  • The Brockman brief: Timing symmetry is shattered: CbCR and TP documentation

    May’s instalment of his column sees Keith Brockman, global tax director at Mars, lecturer and author of the Strategizing Multinational Tax Risks blog, look at the problems that may arise for taxpayers given the timing differences applicable for different documentation and reporting requirements, and what options are available for reconciling these.

  • Shome leaves ministerial adviser role behind

    Partho Shome’s 30-year career as a tax official and adviser to Indian governments and multilateral organisations may be at an end for now, but he will still take a keen interest in tax policy, as this exclusive interview with International Tax Review reveals.

  • Swedish interest deductibility: Unilateral action proposed

    While Sweden may be seen as effectively preventing base erosion through limiting interest deductions, the effects on businesses and investments must be carefully scrutinised before being considered in other countries, argue Hussein Abdali and Tord Fredriksson of Grant Thornton.

  • EU: Cross-border exchange of rulings - what's proposed?

    Timothy Lyons QC and Kelly Stricklin-Coutinho of 39 Essex Chambers analyse recent transparency developments across Europe, focusing on the proposed requirement for EU member states to provide a quarterly report on all cross-border tax rulings and advance pricing arrangements.

  • Special features - May 2015

    Read this month's special features on Turkey and GCC

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall, please show the purpose to all

    Rishi Joshi, associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, analyses recent controversy and litigation on the issue of indirect share transfers.

  • DPT: Counterbalancing the UK's 'open for business' agenda?

    The introduction of the UK's diverted profits tax (DPT) on April 1 2015 has dismayed tax practitioners and their multinational clients. Rushed through parliament (ahead of its dissolution before the general election) it seemed intended to appease public anger at multinationals failing to pay their 'fair share' of tax. It has been roundly criticised for its breadth and complexity, for the speed with which it has been introduced, for the lack of public consultation and parliamentary scrutiny, and for pre-empting the multilateral response to tax avoidance of the G20/OECD BEPS Project. DLA Piper's Stephen Jones asks whether the DPT has created a cloud of uncertainty to cover the previous decade’s climate of reform favourable to global business.

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Tax Relief

  • Tax Relief

    Because tax doesn’t have to be taxing. A less-than-serious look back at some of the quirkier tax stories from the past month.

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International Correspondents