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  • The dark side of transparency

    Tax transparency is lauded as an unequivocal good. But is it really this clear-cut? Matthew Gilleard explores the negatives as he ventures into the dark side of transparency.


  • Tax authorities failing at their basic job

    The basic job of a tax authority is to collect tax. In many countries, where multinational corporations are concerned, they are failing at that job. Salman Shaheen finds out why.

  • ITIC moves forward with long game approach

    Ensuring that their company’s interests are protected as tax policy takes shape is not an easy task, but is an essential one for any tax director. However, the choice of representative or industry organisation to align with to achieve that, is not always obvious, explains Ralph Cunningham.

  • Special features - February 2014

    Read this month's special features on Canada and Tax compliance.

  • The Robin Hood tax rides forth

    Simon Chouffot, spokesman for the Robin Hood Tax campaign, discusses the progress that has been made to implement a financial transaction tax and addresses some of the criticisms it has faced.

  • Indirect tax traps: Selling goods cross-border

    As non-EU based businesses broaden their markets and their offerings, they are increasingly finding that the indirect tax consequences of selling into the EU, the US and Australia create potential barriers to smooth international trading, explain Richard Woolich, Hugh Goodwin, and Matthew Cridland of DLA Piper.

  • Getting value from advisers: An in-house perspective

    Patrick Connolly is an experienced senior in-house tax adviser who has spent the past 10 years in in-house regional tax roles covering Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia/Pacific regions as well as head office tax responsibilities. He shares his views on getting the most value from the client/adviser relationship. Paul Dunne, national managing tax partner for KPMG New Zealand and the tax lead on a number of multinational clients, provides his response and comments.

  • India: The importance and evolution of substance

    Taxpayers are aware that demonstrating substance in a given transaction is of paramount importance. Here, Sanjay Sanghvi and Aditi Mukundan of Khaitan & Co explain why this is even more relevant in India by exploring the evolution of the substance requirement in Indian tax law.

  • Tax, development and the new Millennium Development Goals

    Seth Terkper, Ghana’s minister of finance, and Hafiz Choudhury, senior adviser, International Tax and Investment Centre, discuss the challenges for developing countries in creating tax systems that raise enough revenue to fund development and also encourage investment.

  • Tax insurance: Another tool for your transaction toolbox?

    Fewer private letter rulings given by the US tax authorities and a desire for liquidity are two of the reasons why insurance is becoming a popular protection against tax risks, explain James Gray and Alexios Hadji of Squire Sanders.

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    A monthly commentary on the notable facts, figures and goings-on in the tax world.

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