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  • March 2019

    Uber’s VAT battles illustrate different approaches to taxing the platform economy

    March 11, 2019

    Uber has been fighting on multiple fronts over its VAT obligations in different jurisdictions. ITR examines how a settlement with the Egyptian authorities and an ongoing legal drama in the UK signal two different approaches to making the ‘platform economy’ subject to VAT rules.

  • Bigger-than-expected Chinese VAT cuts lead to speculation on reform

    March 11, 2019

    China has announced bigger-than-expected cuts to two of its three rates of VAT in order to boost its economy against a backdrop of US trade tension, in what tax professionals believe could be the start of wider VAT reform.

  • ITR Asia Tax Awards 2019 shortlist announced

    March 11, 2019

    The nominations for the ITR Asia Tax Awards have been announced.

  • France's DST: No detail, companies unprepared

    March 08, 2019

    The French cabinet has cleared the way for Europe’s first active digital services tax (DST). Experts say the proposals are still not detailed enough for the affected companies to prepare to pay the tax, despite its retroactivity and the quick turnaround before the first payment is due.

  • How customisation can catch companies cold

    March 01, 2019

    Companies should resist the temptation to make numerous customisations to their in-house tax compliance systems because it makes them less flexible in the long-run, say tax directors.

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