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Awards and Surveys

  • December 2004

    Tax executives want practical advice in Latin America

    December 01, 2004

    Better tax planning from better-qualified advisers is one of the key ways tax services need to improve in Latin America. Sed Crest uncovers what else tax executives have on their minds

  • September 2004

    What tax directors want in Asia

    September 01, 2004

    Sed Crest discovers the top ten problems facing tax directors doing business in Asia and the top ten ways they want their tax advisers to improve

  • June 2004

    Why European tax executives are under pressure

    June 01, 2004

    Sed Crest finds out why tax executives are under increasing pressure in the region, which firm they think has the best brand and whether law firms or professional services firms are winning more of the tax-services dollar

  • April 2004

    Challenges facing tax executives in North America

    April 01, 2004

    Sed Crest reveals the pressing issues for tax executives, the types of tax services growing quickest and how tax advisers can improve on their delivery

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