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Awards and Surveys

  • December 2003

    Uncovering the Latin American tax services market

    December 01, 2003

    Sed Crest reveals what kind of picture the survey of tax services in Latin America draws and presents the challenges for tax directors and warnings for tax advisers

  • How to manage transfer pricing risks

    December 01, 2003

    Ernst & Young's Philip Anderson and Robert Miall reveal the findings from the firm's global transfer pricing survey revealing which firms are most at risk

  • September 2003

    Asia's leading tax advisers revealed

    September 01, 2003

    Find out which firms provide the best tax advice, the key challenges facing tax directors and how much they spend on tax advice in Asia's leading jurisdictions

  • June 2003

    Europe's leading tax advisers revealed

    June 01, 2003

    Sed Crest speaks with tax directors at leading multinationals in Europe to find out which firms are providing the best tax advice and how their tax advice needs are changing

  • April 2003

    Who is best to deliver tax services in North America?

    April 01, 2003

    With unprecedented political pressure on corporate governance, scope of services and tax shelter transactions as well as the absorption of Andersen people, tax advice is in a sea of change. Sed Crest speaks with tax directors at leading multinationals to work out how this affects their tax advice needs

International Correspondents