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ITR Asia Tax Forum 2018


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May 2

8.00 Registration and breakfast

8.40 Chairman's opening remarks

Anjana Haines, Managing Editor, International Tax Review

8.45 Keynote speaker

9.10 HOT TOPICS IN ASIA PACIFIC TAXATION: National tax reforms and regional developments

  • An economic update on Asia
  • How global tax developments will impact tax strategies and structures in the Asia Pacific region
  • Compliance headaches for MNC tax groups: A summary of CbCR, AEOI and CRS in 2018
  • Indirect and direct tax trends across the region
  • Key jurisdictions to monitor and why

10.00 AUSTRALASIA: Key issues concerning MNEs

  • Tax considerations for operating in Australia and New Zealand
  • Dealing with increased tax scrutiny from the ATO and Inland Revenue: How their objectives could affect your tax strategy
  • Learning from the Chevron case and understanding the ATO’s changed audit procedures
  • Understanding the Australia’s MAAL, DPT rules and New Zealand’s Taxation (Neutralising Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) Bill

10.30 Coffee break and networking

10.55 SOUTH-EAST ASIA: International tax developments

  • Overview of development in the tax systems and the investment climate
  • Recent tax treaty developments
  • The opportunities in Malaysia
  • Indonesia trends: How the government’s tax revenue goals will impact taxpayers
  • Thailand’s preferential tax regimes vs. the BEPS standard
  • Case study analyses on topics including beneficial ownership, treaty networks and treaty shopping, international tax planning, cross-border tax structuring, R&D incentives, earnings stripping

12.00 Lunch

1.00 BEPS in Asia Pacific: A look back at 2017 and look forward at 2018’s work programme

  • Asia’s implementation of the four minimum standards
  • The consequences of the Multilateral Instrument and treaty relations
  • Practical experiences of CbCR
  • Implementing Action 2
  • 2018 and beyond: goals of the work programme

2.00 TRANSFER PRICING: Dispute resolution, TP methodologies and IP management

  • Advance pricing agreements: Insights from taxpayers’ experience across Asia
  • MAP and alternative dispute resolution: Developments, how to use it and MAP success stories in Asia
  • Managing Action 14: Dispute resolution
  • Determining the right TP methodology for related party transactions
  • The commercial realities of intangible assets and how tax authorities are reviewing intangible structures

3.00 Coffee break and networking

3.30 TAX CONTROVERSY MANAGEMENT: How to achieve the best results

  • New approaches to tax audits by officials and taxpayers
  • Tactical approaches to indirect tax controversies
  • What you can do to minimise direct tax conflicts
  • Examples of how authorities are using technology to choose taxpayers for audits
  • Managing audits in developing countries

4.30 THE ASIAN IN-HOUSE TAX DEPARTMENT: The new demands and how you can manage them successfully

  • Asia’s growing tax complexity and its impact on the development of the in-house tax function
  • Tips for effective tax department management
  • Managing the corporate reputational risks
  • Outsourcing tax management vs doing it in-house: the pros and cons
  • What you can do to ensure external advisers deliver what you need
  • Tax transparency: How in-house teams can deal with the impact of the CRS and other reporting requirements

5.30 Chairman’s summary of Day 1

5.35 Cocktail reception

May 3

8.15 Registration and breakfast

8.55 Chairman's opening remarks

Anjana Haines, Managing Editor, International Tax Review

9.00 INTERNATIONAL TAX UPDATES: Taking the lead from BEPS

  • Hot topics to watch in 2018
  • What Brexit means for Asia
  • Developments in the EU tax environment
  • Tax reforms in jurisdictions popular with Asian investors
  • Exchange of information developments
  • Enforcement developments
  • Important litigation pointers for Asia
  • The codification of transfer pricing principles in Hong Kong

9.45 The US Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017: The impact on Asia

  • What are the changes and their implications on companies in Asia?
  • Analysing IP and repatriation opportunities
  • The impact on trade and investment, and optimising global supply chains
  • Approach to international engagement: BEPS; exchange of information; environmental taxes

10.30 Coffee break and networking

11.00 INDIA: A new tax environment

  • Direct tax – taking on the next reform
  • BEPS
  • Safe harbour rule changes
  • APAs and taxpayer relations
  • GST: Lessons learned

12.00 Lunch

1.00 CHINA: Continuing the reform

  • BEPS in China
  • Tax treaty claims
  • Reinvestment rules and benefits
  • Transfer pricing compliance: Learning from the first year of submissions
  • The benefits and challenges of the Belt and Road Initiative
  • The SAT goes digital: managing the compliance risks
  • Evolution of tax dispute resolution
  • Managing VAT risks


2.00 REINVENTING TAX THROUGH TECHNOLOGY IN ASIA: Upcoming advancements and how tax authorities and taxpayers are using technology to achieve their goals

  • Role of data in targeting taxpayers for audits and managing risks
  • Tax incentives for technological advancements
  • How technology is helping international tax cooperation and what this means for your data
  • Real-time tax reporting
  • The tax scientist



  • Tax implications of cryptocurrency transactions on your business
  • Blockchain, initial coin offerings and tax
  • Emerging cryptocurrency tax evasion trends
  • Blanket bans on cryptocurrency and what that means for trading

3.30 Coffee break and networking

4.00 TAX PLANNING: Common M&A tax planning

  • What to consider in your next tax plan and the trends you need to know now
  • Common M&A tax planning and holding structures
  • Dealing with divestitures and the strategic drivers of M&A decisions
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of double or multiple taxation

5.00 Chairman’s closing remarks

5.15 Close of conference


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