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ITR Global Transfer Pricing Forum - Europe 2016 - Overview


TPWeek and International Tax Review were pleased to announce their return to the European transfer pricing conference circuit with the Global Transfer Pricing Forum. Re-launched in Berlin in June 2016, the Global Transfer Pricing Forum addressed global issues from BEPS to technology; IP regimes to dispute resolution; and the digital economy to financial transactions, for an in-house executive audience. 

The Forum was not a traditional educational style seminar. Instead, TPWeek and International Tax Review editors led the debate with their own probing questions for the expert panellists from industry and practice and encouraged delegates to challenge the speakers' opinions and facilitated free and transparent debate on topics such as the meaning of value creation in the BEPS context, the rise in TP disputes and what revenue authorities can do now and in the future.

Delegates asked engaging questions which set the pace for the expert commentators to address audience needs, such as:

  • Do tax executives believe the outcomes in the BEPS Action Plan will lead to more disputes? 89% of delegates believe that it will
  • Which regions carry the most transfer pricing risk? 57% of the audience believed the most risk lies in Asia with LATAM a far second.
  • What changes has BEPS compliance meant for your department? 81% of answers highlighted that there will be extra time spent in this area closely followed by an increase in costs

Transfer Pricing Forum  

"Overall, I enjoyed hearing from speakers and their experiences, their practical approaches and the networking opportunities" 

"Great interaction with the audience from the speakers"

"There was a good mix of industries and company sizes, I made good contacts"

"Enjoyed being able to ask questions and the panel style discussions that took place"

"Interesting questions, great panels and presentations"

Photos from the event will be made available shortly. If you missed out on this year's event, the Forum is also taking place in New York on September 22 & 23.


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