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Holding Companies (10th Edition)

  • Holding Companies 2014: the PDF

    All the chapters from International Tax Review’s latest Holding Companies supplement are available to view in a screen-friendly PDF format.

  • Editorial

  • Cyprus companies and the importance of substance

    The need for tax-efficient structures has magnified with the recent global economic downturn and the increased scrutiny from tax authorities worldwide, says Zoe Kokoni of Eurofast.

  • Ireland as an attractive holding company jurisdiction post-BEPS

    Ireland remains one of the most attractive jurisdictions in the world in which to establish a holding company, explain Peter Vale and Sarah Meredith of Grant Thornton.

  • Malta: More than just a holding company location

    A stable economy and a mature workforce with a strong work ethic make Malta a preferred location for investors looking for a sustainable alternative for setting up their business, explain André Zarb and John Ellul Sullivan of KPMG. Over the years, Malta has continued developing as a hub for international business thanks to its infrastructure.

  • Switzerland and its positive corporate tax reform

    In a changing environment, Switzerland is for once no exemption as it is undergoing an important reform of its corporate tax law. Stefan Kuhn and Sébastien Maury of KPMG believe that the upcoming changes will be positive for Switzerland and explain why their country will remain highly attractive for investors and multinationals, not least as an ideal holding location.

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