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Financial Services

  • Introduction

    A period of global transformation confronts the financial services industry. Henry Sless, London and Henry Ferrero, New York provide an overview of the way the sector is changing and explain why this new guide to the area is so necessary

  • Banks and securities houses

    Governments worldwide are seeking to balance the parallel needs for tax efficiency and anti-avoidance. Marion Farnschlaeder, Louise McBride, Sarah McGrath, Ajit Prabhu, William Rogers, Marie-France Vernay and Ian Watson report on how the sector is changing for banks and securities houses

  • Insurance

    Both opportunities and risks confront the insurance tax manager in an industry going through a period of unprecedented change. John Giannakopoulos, Elizabeth Martin, Howard Stecker and Felix Wurm review the emergent trends

  • Investment management

    A number of key issues confront investment managers: new technology, individual empowerment, reduced costs, greater transparency and flexibility... Jo Ann Catalano, Julia Le Blan, Sonia Linz and Paul Reck examine these issues in the light of an increasingly global market and ask what the future holds for the industry

  • e-business

    The goldrush for e-business has brought many new challenges for the financial services sector. Opportunities and risks must both be carefully weighed. Elizabeth Burnie and Edward Maguire report on various answers to the e-question

  • Transfer pricing

    The treatment of capital and of cross-border fees is of central concern for international companies. Mark Atkinson, William Chip and Peter Blackwood look at how transfer pricing regulations are setting out to control the market at a global level

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RT @CBItweets: UK needs a Budget that enables the country to grow its way out of austerity. Here are 5 business priorities

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This year's World Tax directory is now online. How does your firm stack up?

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RT @AuroChardon: Let's honour the #memory of a brave #journalist and woman ➡️ vigil tomorrow, 18 Oct, 6pm, in front of Residence Palace #Da…

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Big Soda scores victory as Chicago-area tax repealed - could this be the beginning of the end of the sugar tax trend?

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Ebay and Netflix pay total UK tax of less than £1.9m - How long until HMRC investigate their TP practices? via @FT

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