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  • Argentina

    A special report by Marcelo A Castillo and Jonathan A Hamel, KPMG, Buenos Aires and Miami

  • Australia

    A special report by Steven Fortier and Tony Gorgas, KPMG, Sydney

  • Belgium

    A special report by Dirk Van Stappen and Leslie Van den Branden, KPMG, Antwerp

  • Brazil

    A special report by Eliete Ribeiro and Diogo Ruiz, KPMG São Paulo, Brazil

  • Canada

    A special report by Gary Zed and John Oatway, Deloitte & Touche, Ottawa

  • China

    A special report by Yimin Zhao, KPMG, SHANGHAI

  • Denmark

    A special report by Martin Nielsen, KPMG, Copenhagen

  • Finland

    A special report by Eric Sandelin and Mikko Palmu, KPMG, Helsinki

  • France

    A special report by Henri Chaoul and Longo-Joseph Kouloumba, KPMG, France

  • Germany

    A special report by Oliver Wehnert and Susann van der Ham, Ernst & Young, Düsseldorf

  • India

    A special report by Kapil Marwaha, KPMG, Mumbai

  • Italy

    A special report by Maria Eugenia Palombo, Rome, and Antonio Russo, Verona

  • Japan

    A special report by Daisuke Horiguchi, KPMG, Tokyo

  • Latin America

    A special report by Robert Bowne, Mauricio Hurtado and Marie Claude Jean PricewaterhouseCoopers, Mexico

  • Mexico

    A special report by Ricardo Rendón, Chevez, Ruiz, Zamarripa y Cia, SC, México City

  • Norway

    A special report by Svein G Andresen and Thor Leegaard, KPMG Law, Oslo

  • Peru

    A special report by Javier Luque and Roberto Fernández, KPMG, Lima

  • Sweden

    A special report by Karin von Uthmann, KPMG, Sweden

  • United Kingdom

    A special report by John Searle, KPMG, Birmingham

  • United States

    A special report by Paul Burns, KPMG, Costa Mesa

  • Venezuela

    A special report prepared by Carlos Adrianza, KPMG, Caracas

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AEOI affecting individuals and its effect on banking secrecy rules: Since the beginning of the 20th century, bankin…

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Is an intergovernmental tax body a good idea? #tax #taxjustice

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A guide through Switzerland’s revised VAT Act. The long-awaited partial revision of the Swiss VAT Act was finally p…

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