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Capital Markets

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  • Brazil - Tax favours for foreign investors

    As investors continue to pour money into the local Brazilian capital markets, it is crucial for them to understand how they will be taxed, believe Simone Frizzo and Carlos Romero of Ernst & Young

  • Germany - German banking bailouts

    Ulrich Ammelung and Christian Altvater of PricewaterhouseCoopers explain how the fallout from the credit crisis has had a major impact on the tax position of German banks

  • Italy - Italy unveils new interest barrier rules

    Only three years after the introduction of thin capitalisation and the equity pro rata rules into the Italian tax system, the entire tax regime relating to interest deductibility applicable to corporations is changing again, explain Paolo Giacometti and Paola Meloni of Chiomenti Studio Legale

  • Mexico - How the new tax system has an impact on taxpayers

    The full effects of a new flat rate business tax on taxpayers have yet to be seen, believe Karol Campo, Santiago Chacon and Terri Grosselin of Ernst & Young

  • Russia - Intragroup transfer pricing allocations in the financial industry

    Alexei Kuznetsov and Irina Bykhovskaya of Ernst & Young comment on why a financial institution may need to employ transfer pricing methodologies in its Russian operations

  • Russia - Change overdue in derivatives legislation

    Russian legislation has not kept up with the rapidly changing situation in the derivatives market. Substantial amendments to tax and civil legislation regulating derivatives transactions are long overdue, believe Alexei Kuznetsov and Ivan Sychev of Ernst & Young

  • US - Key tax guidance for financial services

    David Forst and James Fuller of Fenwick & West analyse recent international tax developments, covering foreign tax credits, foreign tax structured transactions, passive foreign investment companies and exchange-traded notes, that are potentially of interest to financial service industry participants in capital markets

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The @FT is reporting that Dagong, a Chinese rating agency, has downgraded the US for political 'deficiencies'. Cou…

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Japan and Iceland have signed a DTA. See the English version here:

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RT @EU_Taxud: Anti Tax Avoidance Rules in the EU 🇪🇺 will start applying from 1 January 2019. #TaxAvoidance practices need to be stopped!…

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Bad news for #EDF after the General Court of the EU upheld the Commission’s decision ordering France to recover €1.…

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The Independent is claiming that the EU could threaten to add UK overseas territories to its list of #tax havens as…

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