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  • Tax developments in 2012 and 2013

    Stefan Ditsch, Barbara Zuber and Alexander Just of PwC provide an overview of the envisaged tax law changes in the 2013 Annual Tax Act and the 2012 Business Reform Act on the Modification and Simplification of Business Taxation.

  • How FATCA will impact financial services in Germany

    Karl Kuepper, Oliver von Schweinitz and Mark Orlic of PwC look at the implications of the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) for the financial services market in Germany.

  • New developments on permanent establishments

    Susann van der Ham and Yves Hervé of PwC discuss new regulations in Germany’s latest Tax Code, looking at the practical implications of PE taxation in Germany.

  • Vouchers: Clear VAT rules ahead?

    Hans-Martin Grambeck of PwC looks at the benefits and drawbacks of the European Commission’s proposed rules on the VAT treatment of vouchers.

  • Proof of intra-community supplies: A happy end?

    The German law maker has finally released a draft Bill to change, once again, the evidence required to prove intra-community supplies, explains Stefan Maunz of küffner maunz langer zugmaier.

  • Global compliance in finance transformation processes

    Companies are in the middle of a finance transformation initiative. The understanding of the tax compliance requirements in all of the jurisdictions in which these companies operate is of utmost importance, explains Ute Benzel of Ernst & Young.

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