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  • Swiss financial industry strains under new VAT law

    Patrick Imgrüth and Laurent Lattmann of Tax Partner-Taxand explain how even though it has been more than a year since a new VAT law was passed, financial industries will only start to feel the burden on the act in the months ahead.

  • Switzerland remains attractive despite tax pressures

    Stephan Pfenninger and Dieter Weber of Tax Partner-Taxand pinpoint how Switzerland has established itself as an attractive location for investors following the economic downturn and how the country is leading the way in exchange of information.

  • Contributed capital challenges cross-border work

    Rolf Wüthrich of burckhardt explains the newly introduced rules of the principle of contributed capital and the impact on cross-border situations.

  • Optimising VAT cash flow for Swiss companies

    Input VAT is one of the most costly issues non-EU based trading companies are faced within the EU. Tobias Meier Kern, Zsolt Tenczer and Michaela Merz of PwC explain how these costs can be avoided through careful planning and how EU rules offer a multitude of solutions.

  • Why multinationals are relocating to Switzerland

    Armin Marti and Remo Küttel of PwC outline the key tax reforms that Switzerland is making to attract foreign multinationals and also to sustain high levels of investment.

  • The success story of the Swiss APA regime

    Benjamin Koch of PwC and Christoph Studer of the Swiss Federal Tax Administration run through the developments in Switzerland’s advance pricing agreement regime and explain how taxpayers are increasingly seeing them as a more cost efficient alternative to litigation.

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