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  • Practical problems with intra-community transactions

    VAT transactions across Europe have become a part of everyday life for German taxpayers. Daniel Keller, Christian Schubert and Diana-Catharina Kurtz of PwC offer examples on how to keep on top of ever-changing European VAT law.

  • Distribution of funds in Europe is no walk in the park

    Markus Hammer of PwC highlights what funds need to do to comply with tax reporting requirements in five European jurisdictions

  • Tax courts keep industry on their toes

    Officials have not proposed any significant changes to Germany’s tax law this year, but there have been some key court decisions and discussion about future reforms, that taxpayers need to be aware of, explains Stefan Ditsch of PwC

  • Administration disappoints taxpayers on restructurings

    In October 2010 Germany issued administrative principles to interpret its business restructuring law. However as Lorenz Bernhardt and Susann van der Ham of PwC point out, taxpayers will be left disappointed by the lack of clear and precise information on this much-discussed topic.

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