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  • Companies in Ireland make use of favourable tax system

    A low corporate tax rate has helped Ireland secure a considerable amount of investment since a 10% rate was introduced in 1980. The rate has since gone up to 12.5% but it has not stopped companies, particularly from the US, from setting up in the country

  • What the 12.5% tax rate offers corporates

    The rise in Ireland's corporate tax rate has not stopped companies establishing operations there. David Smyth, Joe Bollard and Rory MacIver of Ernst & Young discuss why the rate went up and look back over the three years since the new rate was introduced

  • Ireland's tax regime continues to impress

    Adrian Crawford of KPMG explains how recent legislation has increased Ireland's appeal to multinationals seeking a tax-friendly environment

  • Taxes and expertise attract US aircraft lessors to Ireland

    The American Jobs Creation Act made many changes to the Internal Revenue Code, but one in particular has far-reaching consequences for US aircraft lessors. It could mean that more will base themselves in Ireland, believes Garry Burke of Pembroke Capital

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Big Soda scores victory as Chicago-area tax repealed - could this be the beginning of the end of the sugar tax trend?

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Ebay and Netflix pay total UK tax of less than £1.9m - How long until HMRC investigate their TP practices? via @FT

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Panama Papers: German authorities carry out first raids in connection with tax leaks via @dwnews

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RT @ScoopOnTaxes: @Skynet This will not end well for humanity.

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