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  • Staying ahead in fight for investment

    A combination of court decisions, tax treaty modifications and European Commission action have meant the government has had to work hard to maintain Luxembourg's friendly environment for investors, believes Keith O'Donnell of Atoz

  • Changes enhance investor-friendly system

    The SICAR legislation is an example of how Luxembourg has modified its tax system in recent years to keep pace with and ahead of other EU member states in the competition for foreign investment, according to Rene Beltjens of PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • Reform proposals fire competitive urge

    The corporate tax reform that is due to take effect on January 1 2007 includes a cut in income tax. The reform is aimed at helping the Netherlands compete better for foreign investment, explain Arne Kattouw and Roland Brandsma of PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • Working on profit and an attractive investment environment

    Arnold van der Smeede and Jeroen Starreveld of Spigthoff look at proposed changes to the Dutch participation exemption, dividend withholding tax, the introduction of an interest and patent box, and new rules on the limitation of interest deduction

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