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Holding Companies

  • Editorial

  • Cyprus: a genuine EU contender

    The tax advantages that Cyprus offers is increasing its appeal as a holding company jurisdiction in Europe, say Pieris Markou and Antonis Taliotis of Deloitte

  • Italy: A day in the life of ItaCo

    Massimo Agostini of Gianni Origoni Grippo & Partners has created a hypothetical company to demonstrate the tax treatment of Italian holding companies and their shareholders

  • Japan: Beyond the obvious

    There are more reasons to set up a Japanese holding company than might be seen at first glance. Hiroshi Namba of Shin Nihon Ernst & Young explains

  • Luxembourg: The demise of 1929 Holding Companies

    A European Commission decision has forced Luxembourg to change its holding companies legislation, reports Keith O'Donnell and Samantha Nonnenkamp of ATOZ Tax Advisers

  • Sweden: A break with tradition

    Sweden is an interesting alternative to the more traditional holding company locations, says Carl Pihlgren of Ernst & Young

  • The Netherlands: It pays to participate

    Roland Brandsma and Suzanne Boers of PricewaterhouseCoopers praise the virtues of the new Dutch participation exemption

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