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Latin American Transfer Pricing

  • Editorial

  • Argentina

    Transfer pricing rules have come a long way since their introduction in 1998 and are ready to fall in line with international standards, say Augusto Martín Camarero and Armando Cabrera of Baker & Mckenzie

  • Brazil

    Transfer pricing rules in Brazil have evolved to the point where they seem ready to be brought in line with those of the OECD, say Simone Dias Musa and Clarissa Machado of Baker & McKenzie

  • Chile

    Tax legislation is soon to be amended to include greater transfer pricing detail, say Miguel Zamora and Ana Paula Güitrón of Baker & Mckenzie

  • Colombia

    Diego González-Béndiksen and Rhina Toro Infante of Baker & McKenzie outline recent changes and proposals for the Colombian transfer pricing regime

  • Ecuador

    In the last two years, several transfer pricing resolutions have been approved, say Diego González-Béndiksen and Rosa Maria Gil of Baker & McKenzie

  • Mexico

    Moisés Curiel, Carlos Linares and Emilio Angeles of Baker & McKenzie outline the current transfer pricing regime

  • Peru

    The tax authorities are ready to develop the elements required for the evolution of transfer pricing practice, say Claudia González-Béndiksen and Paola Gutiérrez of Baker & McKenzie

  • Uruguay

    The transfer pricing regime is developing steadily, say Jonás Bergstein and Domingo Pereira of Baker & McKenzie

  • Venezuela

    The transfer pricing regime is evolving rapidly and is soon to spread into Central American countries, say Ronald Evans and Gustavo Sánchez of Baker & McKenzie

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