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Holding Companies

  • Editorial

    Holding value

  • Cyprus takes advantage of obvious benefits

    Attributes such as EU membership and a low corporate tax rate help Cyprus stand out as the location for a holding company, believes Sophie Stylianou of Eurofast Taxand

  • India's tax treaties offer benefits to investors

    Selection of a holding company location has become a greater challenge for investors into India, despite beneficial treaty provisions, explain Srinivasa Rao and Rajendra Nayak of Ernst & Young

  • An always improving holding company regime

    In recent months, the Luxembourg government has shown its willingness to make sure that Luxembourg remains an attractive holding jurisdiction, explains Keith O'Donnell of ATOZ Tax Advisers, a member of Taxand

  • Malta works hard for holding companies

    A tax system that has advantages for companies, including a light withholding tax regime, is one of the reasons why multinationals have chosen Malta as the location of their holding company in the EU, explains Mirko Rapa of PricewaterhouseCoopers

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