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  • Different policy upsets information exchange

    Marcel Widrig of PricewaterhouseCoopers explains how Switzerland has amended its practice on exchange of information since 2009 and what impact this has had on the international agreements it has signed up to

  • Editorial

    Finance Bill comes out with a bang

  • Why companies want to come to Ireland

    Company migration has been an opportunity for Ireland's favourable tax policies to come to the fore, believes Conor Hurley and Fintan Clancy of Arthur Cox

  • Reform aims at foreign investment

    Joan O'Connor and Deirdre Power of Deloitte look at two of the more significant developments just announced in Ireland - the new regime for transfer pricing and the ability to re-domicile funds to Ireland.

  • Getting value from tax friendly policies

    The Irish government is trying to benefit from a world economy that is slowly reviving by using this year's Finance Bill to push through some key tax measures, says Colm Kelly of PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • Irish taxpayers get used to related-party regime

    The introduction of new transfer pricing rules should not cause undue worry for multinational companies with Irish operations. They will already have experience of related-party compliance, points out Dan McSwiney of Ernst & Young

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RT @ddayen: Why must Americans become part-time accountants, just to follow the rules of society?

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RT @monicabhatia2: Singapore to automatically exchange financial account information with 61 states

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Join us at the ITR and #TPWeek Women in Tax Forum on March 1, 2018 in New York. It will focus on US and global tax…

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The @FT is reporting that Dagong, a Chinese rating agency, has downgraded the US for political 'deficiencies'. Cou…

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Japan and Iceland have signed a DTA. See the English version here:

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